Immune Booster

Malaysia is facing the pandemic of Covid 19, positive cases are increasing daily, except for the 3C and 3W which are recommended by MOH, we could enhance the prevention through the perspective of TCM.

The hot and humid weather in Malaysia  will cause dampness in our spleen and stomach, and then affects the digestion system, as a result, our immune system will become weak.

The Immune Booster series soup and drink packs, is meant to make clear the heat and dampness in our spleen.

It is extremely important for people who always need to have face to face contact with people and work long hours, as the strong digestion system will boost your immune system and then reduce the risk of being infected.

Just like what TCM always emphasizes, if there is positive qi or energy in your body, then the negative qi or energy will not able to attack you successfully.

About Immune Booster Series - Mr Go Pei Heng

Immune Booster Drink Pack

Immune Booster Drink Pack

Ingredients: Raw Astragalus, Atractylodes, Adenophora, Bupleurum, Chrysanthemum, Imperata cylindrica, Smilax glabra, Luo Han Guo etc  ..


Immune Booster Soup Pack Immune Booster Soup Pack

Immune Booster Soup Pack

Nourishing Qi and Yin, strengthen spleen and lungIngredients Astragalus, Codonopsis, Red Dates, Chuanqiong, Chinese Yam, Wolfberry, Ginseng Root..


Immune Booster Tea Bag Immune Booster Tea Bag

Immune Booster Tea Bag

Ingredients :Adenophora, Chrysanthemum, Imperata, Cylindrica, Luo Han Guo, Astragalus etc   Preparation 1. Place 1 tea bag in a mug. ..


Premium Immune Booster Set

Premium Immune Booster Set

1. Immune Booster Family Soup Pack *12. Immune Booster Family Drink Pack *13. Immune Booster Easy Teabag *14. Anti-epidemic Herbal Sachet * 3 ..


Classic Immune Booster Set

Classic Immune Booster Set

1. Anti-epidemic Herbal Sachets *3 (worth RM16)2. Immune Booster Family Drink Pack * 3 (worth RM51) or3. Immune Booster Easy Teabag *3 (worth RM51)..


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